Toga Town Post Motion Graphics Reel

A selection of motion graphics by Toga Town Post.


The Association | NBA TV

Writing and editing by Aaron Hodgins Davis.


The Charity Stripe | Sports On Earth

This 16-minute documentary about Rick Barry and the underhanded free throw was produced by Toga Town Films…

A New Day3

A New Day | Sports On Earth

“A New Day” is a 12-minute documentary made by Toga Town Films for about Alex Leonard,…

Just say no Thumb

Just Say No To The War On Drugs

This was a viral outreach video directed by documentarian Eugene Jarecki in cooperation with the Drug Policy…


NBA Playoffs Mini Movies | ESPN, NBA TV

Editing by Aaron Hodgins Davis. These weekly “mini movies” recapped the week’s NBA playoff action. They aired…

Steph Curry Quick Take

Inside Stuff | NBA TV

Toga Town Films owner/director Aaron Hodgins Davis worked as a freelance producer/editor on “Inside Stuff” with Grant…


Small Country, Big Change | Focus Forward

This short documentary by Toga Town Films about Iceland’s use of hydrogen power was a finalist in…


Getty Images Sizzle Reel | Getty Images

Editing and motion graphics by Aaron Hodgins Davis.

Heineken Thumb

UEFA Event Video | Heineken

Motion graphics by Aaron Hodgins Davis.

Football Inside Out Thumb

Football Inside Out | Hulu

Football Inside Out was a weekly web show on Motion graphics & editing by Aaron Hodgins…


History Sizzle | FunGoPlay

Produced and edited by Aaron Hodgins Davis.

Cafe Ray Still

Cafe Ray | Worldview Pictures

Editing by Aaron Hodgins Davis.


Eliot Spitzer Documentary | Worldview Pictures

Editing and B cam by Aaron Hodgins Davis.

Youth Football NC

American Youth Football & Cheer National Championships | NBC Sports

Motion graphics by Aaron Hodgins Davis.